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This podcast is recordings of live church services concerning a more abundant life and life principles.
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Aug 13, 2017

Heaven has dispatched us into the world to be healers!

Aug 6, 2017

5 Shifts in your emotional state to bring you into proper positioning in Christ!

Jul 26, 2017

You can become anyone you want to become! Do anything!!

Jul 23, 2017

There is no one more valuable than you!

Jul 16, 2017

Are you certain that you know the truth???

Jul 9, 2017

I love the plan of wholeness God has to offer anyone that will seek after him. -Pastor Rob

Jun 28, 2017

An expressive prayer of healing tones. 

Jun 25, 2017

Become the true image of God in your life. Here are eight things to do: 1. Get a deep desire for self-transformation. 2. Be self-honest. 3. Get a willingness to study your actual state of being. 4. Increase awareness of what is wrong within. 5. Develop a distaste for old and mechanical ways. 6. Reject false advice and shallow thinking. 7. Increase ability to stand alone. 8. Embrace the new way of living.

Jun 21, 2017

Time of change, written and read by Loda Schreckhise

May 23, 2017

No One is more valuable than you!!!

May 7, 2017

From our belly will come rivers of living water! It will dance for joy!!!

Apr 30, 2017

When all hell breaks loose around you...No problem...You are ANCHORED in your soul. 

Apr 17, 2017

Want to make the world a better place? Raise naked children, children that are honest and loyal. 

Apr 11, 2017

Life can pay you in so many ways! Develop your spiritual life and see the results.

Apr 9, 2017

Your natural senses correspond to your spiritual senses.

Apr 9, 2017
Apr 4, 2017

Rapture is a spiritual happening, not a literal flesh thing. Praise God!!!

Mar 28, 2017

Rabbi Rob is thinking again about these things... :)

Mar 27, 2017

Many people misunderstood Jesus the man. He spoke in ways that were off the beaten path of normal religion. He spoke of God within us. Of course Rob's believes Jesus was greater than John Lennon. :)

Mar 22, 2017

You are the temple of God!

Mar 14, 2017

Shame or the fruit of unforgiveness is the major reason for many illnesses. 

Mar 13, 2017

Blake is speaking from his heart and is sure to thrill your soul!

Mar 7, 2017

God loves but people with shame in their life can't receive the love.

Feb 28, 2017

We are made in the likeness and image of God! We can be shame free and guilt free.

Feb 26, 2017

An excellent reminder to remain faithful to God and the path that He has placed you on. Stan is great presenting here!

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